Boo. You’re so scared.

An Introduction of Ws and Hs

Who : Hi, I’m Nooboet

What : You’re now looking at the start of “My AEP Journey”

Where :  It’s under “Pages” on the column to the right, if you’re wondering where the actual content of the blog is

When : Since 2009 (was it only two years ago?)

Why : This started off as a school assignment. Now … it is a log of some stuff I’ve done, and a few rants

How : Go to, create an account. WordPress is rather user-friendly, have fun.

Weather : We had months of wet weather. It’s suddenly hot again.

Whether : Hahaha. This really doesn’t mean anything ^^

Whim : I used to be addicted to books. It’s FB now, and all sorts of games.

Hates : Even though I don’t mind waiting for people when they’re late, I hate being late myself. I get agitated when I’m cutting the time too close, so I usually end up at the meeting place half an hour early…

Works : I love my family and Mother Nature, so I often end up doing related themes for major course works.

What else : I’m kinda short. It’s tragic.

What now : Click “My AEP Journey” under “Pages” on the column to the right! 😀


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